Welcome to the Australian Hydrographers Association web site

The Australian Hydrographers Association site provides access to news and information about Australian Hydrography, news and events in the profession and the chance to participate in forums exchanging ideas on many aspects of hydrography and related areas of interest and occupations.

The Australian Hydrographers Association’s objectives are:

  • To encourage the development of all aspects of Hydrometric data collection, processing, analysis and presentation throughout Australia.
  • To contribute to the knowledge of, and encourage interest in Australia’s water resources and management and utilisation of such resources.
  • To provide a forum for the interchange of knowledge and ideas of  the above.
  • To represent the interests of all Australian Hydrographers and support staff.

This site is maintained by the Australian Hydrographers Association, a non-profit organisation, which has a membership spanning all states and territories of Australia as well as New Zealand, Asia and Europe.