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Diploma of Water Industry Operations

From 2017, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has launched the new Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715. The Diploma has special requirements and subjects for the Hydrography specialisation.

AHA is currently developing training courses which will meet the requirements of the new diploma. Other courses will be delivered by our partner Registered Training Organisation.

Old Diploma of Water Operations

Up to 31 December 2016, the Diploma of Water Operations  NWP50107 supported students seeking competency and requiring increasingly specialised technical skills or those who require a broad range of skills in the Water Industry. This course is no longer available in Australia.

If you have partially completed this Diploma, you may need to undertake additional studfy to meet the new course requirements set by the Commonwealth.


More information

If you have any questions relating to AHA delivered courses, contact the AHA Office on services [AT] aha.net.au