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Australian ADCP Regatta 2017

16 March 2017 – 17 March 2017

Day 1: Meet at Old Town Centre Car Park, Bay St, Jindabyne NSW 2627, Day 2: Meet at Snowy Hydro, Discovery Centre, LOT 1 Monaro Hwy,, Cooma, NSW 2630

Following on from the 2015 inaugural regatta, focus on areas identified for further Regattas including:

A location to challenge processes/SOPs and technology with a mix of good and bad sections;
Test more aspects of Hydrometric Guideline 8 under a wider range of conditions;

As well as the themes previously outlined for the 2015 Regatta;

Provide an opportunity for practitioners/organisations to ‘pressure test’ and discuss application of ADCP discharge measurement techniques and processes against the National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring, Part 8, Application of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers to Measure Discharge in Open Channels and a lot more.

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The 2017 New Zealand Hydrological Society Technical Workshop

3 April 2017 – 6 April 2017

Dunedin Centre,, Town Hall, The Octagon, Dunedin., New Zealand 9016

This year's theme is "Are You Making a Difference in Field Hydrology"

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for field hydrologists and industry suppliers to network, learn from each other and promote their products to representatives from all over New Zealand. More specifically, we encourage and anticipate participation from leading local government, crown research agencies, water utility providers, hydro power generators, private industry groups and individuals. All practitioners with an interest in the profession of field hydrology are welcome.

It is an opportunity for field hydrologists to gather and learn more about their profession as well as share knowledge and experiences from their working environment or projects they may be involved with other field hydrologists and other interested professionals.

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