Bathymetric Survey Using Household Appliances

Simon Cruickshank - NT Dept Infrastructure Planning and Environment (Water Resources) , 28 November, 2004

Surveying with Household appliances ? This should be good !

Actually this title is a little misleading as not all the equipment I will be referring to can be found under the kitchen sink. In fact probably not any of it. However what I am attempting to demonstrate is a fast and accurate method to undertake bathymetry without purchasing expensive or complex instrumentation . There is even half a chance that you will have half this gear already in your storerooms.

For many years we have been using various methods to determine the volumes of billabongs and the like for various clients, and have used a range of equipment to do so. Earlier efforts used torch style depth sounders and rangefinder binoculars, but there had to be an easier way.