Data gathering and establishment of a real-time data network

Graham Murdoch - Department of Water Resources NSW , 01 October, 1990

This paper is describes briefly the current means of gathering hydrographic data, from the manual means
to the more complex automatic means

It outlines applications where real-time data collection are used, the methods and media employed to
transfer data and some of the variables that can be measured.

A review of the processes involved in the establishment of a real-time,land based radio data
gathering network is given. This provides some insight into the level of preliminary work required to have
real-time data available.

An actual case study is provided which describes in some detail the Department’s flood warning
system. The study concentrates mainly on the implementation of the systems, rather than describing
the operation of the system function by function. Covered also are some of the difficulties and benefits
that have become apparent as the system is operating.

The Appendices provide some background information relating to equipment and design of a real-time system.