Department of Water and Environmental Regulation of Western Australia, 2019 Hydrographic Technical Forum

Luke Donovan - Department of Water and Environmental Regulation of Western Australia , 13 December, 2019

Recently the AHA Journal has featured a number of articles featuring Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
(ADCP), Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) created from Drone
captured imagery.

These are some of the evolving measurement technologies that make up one of the three key foundations
that define the Western Australian Government’s Water Measurement Program.

In the preceding years there have been a number of National ADCP Regattas and other workshops to
inform the creation of National Standards and consistent hydrographic operational techniques. Building
on these great examples the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s (DWER) Measurement
Lead Team (MLT) have introduced an Annual Hydrographic Technical Forum (HTF) to ensure all DWER
Regional Measurement Teams from around the State of WA have the opportunity to evolve with these
new and emerging technologies and on the way improve data quality, operating procedures and
consequentially find efficiencies in the way they work.