WEBCAST: The history of image velocimetry and its adoption by DNRME

Mark Randall - Department Natural Resources Mines and Energy , 17 March, 2020

Presented at NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop 17-20 March 2020


While surface velocity measurement practices have been around forever the use of videos to measure surface velocity is a relatively recent addition to the hydrographers toolkit. Image velocimetry, as it is known, owes its concept and development to one man. This presentation will outline the development and origins of image velocimetry as well as its adoption, development and future with the Queensland Government.

Presenter bio

Mark RandallMark has been working as a field hydrologist with the Queensland State government since 2006. Based in Mareeba he specialises in remote area field operations and the management of the state governments gauging station network. He has run advanced ADCP training for QLD government hydrographers, established national ADCP technical reference group, produced three national guidelines governing the use of hydroacoustic instrumentation for discharge measurements now endorsed and published by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. In 2014 he worked with Teledyne RD Instruments to help develop Q-view software to provide QA/QC analysis of ADCP discharge measurements based on the matrix developed for the national guidelines.

Mark is currently an active member of the WaMSTeC and its predecessor, the Water Information Standards Business Forum established by the BoM in 2010. He is continuing to advance the use of acoustic Dopplers within water monitoring and is currently working on an ADCP training package.


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