Technical Paper: Tow Tank Verification Report

Daniel Wagenaar and Xue Fan - Sontek , 01 October, 2016

The FlowTracker® Handheld ADV is an Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) that is designed to perform accurate point velocity measurements in flowing water. The FlowTracker offers ADV performance from a simple handheld interface, allowing rapid data collection without the use of a computer.

The FlowTracker2 was launched in 2016 with a number of hardware and software improvements. The most noticeable hardware changes were the handheld and the ADV stem. The new handheld offers color graphics and real-time data display, and the probe assembly can be detached from the handheld.

The electronics of the ADV were moved from the handheld to the ADV itself, resulting in a slightly larger stem. This change reduces the instrument noise and allows the interchange between probes and handhelds. The FlowTracker2 Tow Tank Verification technical note gives an overview of the test facilities, reference instrumentation, test methodology, results and requirements of Tow Tanks. The verification process focused on two main aspects: Velocity Accuracy and Flow Disturbance.