Unravelling the Internet of Things – Implications of emerging technologies and business models for monitoring and management of Australian water resources

Chris Andrews, Matthew Henderson - Ventia , 25 November, 2016

In the last 50 years, radio networks have focused on transferring more data faster. This has left behind a whole class of applications that want to collect small amounts of data scattered over wide areas from devices that need to operate for many years in the field. Recently a new class of radio network technologies known as LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) has emerged. LPWA networks will be an important player in the realisation of the Internet of Things (IoT). This paper will help guide the reader through the challenges facing anyone considering how IoT can transform their business.

The paper covers –

  • The current and emerging technologies and their place in the market.
  • The new business models that are emerging in the LPWA space.
  • A case study to show what can be achieved with a well implemented LPWA network.