Velocity Indexing side looking Dopplers in Man-made Canals

Thomas King and Daniel Wagenaar - Xylem Water Solutions , 30 September, 2019

Xylem Analytics Australia was contracted by Downer Engineering to supply and commission two SL1500-3G (SL) acoustic Doppler flow meters and CR850 data loggers at Wildes Meadow and Burrawang Canals in association with the Burrawang Pump Station upgrade project. The equipment supplied for both the flow monitoring sites, was installed by Downer Engineering for Water NSW at predefined monitoring sites.

A number of site visits were conducted over the calibration period in parallel with pump tests being carried out. The site visits enabled the collection of a suite of acoustic Doppler data from the SL instruments and reference discharge measurements, obtained using a RiverSurveyor M9. The data collected from the SL and M9 at each of the monitoring sites were used to develop unique Index Velocity Rating.

The commissioning of the acoustic Doppler flow meters comprised of configuring the instruments at each monitoring site based on the channel geometry, hydraulic conditions present and Index Velocity Rating. To add to the challenging site conditions – pump runs were only carried out through the middle of the night to minimise power costs to the client.