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AHA 2012 Conference Melbourne

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Wednesday 22nd August

Paul Hannah Paper:
ADCP Hull Dynamics during Floor Gauging
Kevin Oberg Paper:
Hydroacoustics in the USGS – Successes and Challenges (slides)
David Spiers Paper:
Development of ADCP deployment equipment to optimise their performance for Tasmanian conditions
Garry Leslie and Wayne Ross Paper:
Stream Flow Monitoring at Latrobe River Swing Bridge
John Hayes, Andrew Davidson, Ray Boyton, David Malone Paper:
Old and New, ADCP VS Current Meter

Thursday 23nd August

David McPhee Paper:
Future Delivery of Hydrographic Services: Effective Partnerships Meeting the needs of multiple organisations through a single Hydrographic Service Provider-The Challenges, Opportunities and Outcomes
Eric Hatfield Paper:
Automatic data checking for stream data
Royd Cumming Paper:
Measurement Uncertainty and the Development of Data Quality Codes for Hydrological Data
Linton Johnston and Grant Robinson Paper:
A national approach to water information standards
Allan Garland Paper:
Development and Deployment of a Portable Automated Logger System to Aid in Flood Monitoring in Victoria
Natalie Noakes Paper:
A journey up the Hawkesbury Nepean AHA 2012
Matt Saunders Poster:
Satellite Telemetry Options for Hydrographers
Glenn McDermott Paper:
Using HEC-RAS models to check and extend flume and weir ratings
Rebekah Webb Paper:
Volumetric Flow Balance in Birch and Tullaroop Creeks to Determine the Magnitude of Losses in Large Scale Water Releases