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AHA 2018 Conference

Program overview

The AHA 2018 Conference will be held in Canberra, ACT at the Southern Cross Club from the 12 November – 15 November.


Day 1 Monday 12 November

18:00 Session: Welcome reception


Day 2 Tuesday 13 November

09:00 Session: Opening

KEYNOTE: Peter Heweston (Kisters ACT) | The Impact of Extreme Events

09:40 Session: BEFORE extreme events

KEYNOTE: Robyn Duell (Bureau of Meteorology Vic) | Climate and Water Outlook

14:20 Session: AHA report and AGM

15:30 Session: BEFORE extreme events

19:00 Conference dinner


Day 3 Wednesday 14 November

09:00 Session: Industry Technical Workshops


13:20 Session: DURING extreme events

KEYNOTE: Ashley Webb (WaterNSW) | Drought and the importance of accurate and reliable water monitoring data

17:30 Pitstop drinks


Day 4 Thursday 15 November

09:00 Session: DURING extreme events

10:50 Session: AFTER extreme events

14:30 Session: Alex Miller Award and Wrap up