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19th biennial Australian Hydrographers Association Conference will be held at Southern Cross Club in Woden, ACT from the 12th to the 15th November.

AHA 2018 is a unique opportunity for hydrographers and industry suppliers to network, learn from each other and promote their products to water industry representatives from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. More specifically, we encourage and anticipate participation from members, leading State and Federal water agencies, water utility providers, hydro power generators, private industry groups and individuals. All practitioners with an interest in the profession of Hydrography are welcome.

The Australian Hydrographers Association, would like to invite all members of the hydrographic community to now submit a proposal for AHA 2018.


Main theme

Extreme Events
Before, During and After

Synopsis: the impact of extreme events on surface and ground water hydrography

Sub themes

  • Before: what can you do to prepare for an extreme event – technology, information/data, equipment, forecasting, planning. For example:
    • How are surface and ground water monitoring and management organisations and equipment manufacturers preparing for the increase in extreme events apparent over the last few years?
  • During: safety, impact of the volatility of the event on connectivity and coordination – who can help you and/or who could you help during the event? For example:
    • Volume of communication – phone congestion, websites flatlining, what do you need to do?
    • What special equipment is needed?
    • What activities are employed for monitoring surface and ground water during extreme events and supporting emergency response agencies?
  • After: Mopping up, post mortems, reporting – how has the event impacted your activities? For example:
    • Was this just a one-off event or a permanent change?
    • What are the short term and long term consequences?
    • What future changes of practices and equipment will be needed?
    • Information dissemination: who, what, where, when?
    • What is the lasting effect of extreme events on surface and ground water monitoring and management.

AHA 2018 seeks to explore the impact of extreme events and climate change science on surface and ground water hydrography, particularly as they are reflected in a broad range of activities that affect water and community managers topics and projects that relate to hydrography: i.e. the scientific description and analysis of the physical conditions, boundaries, flow, and related characteristics of the earth’s aquifers, estuaries, lakes, oceans, storages and streams.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for proposal submission
    • 5pm AEST Friday 8 June 2018
  • Notification of acceptance
    • Monday 6 July 2018
  • Deadline for draft written papers
    • 5pm AEST Friday 24 August 2018
  • Deadline for approved ready to publish written papers
    • 5pm AEDT Friday 28 September 2018
  • Deadline for powerpoint presentations and posters ready to publish
    • 5pm AEDT Friday 12 October 2018

Presenter Conditions and Proposal Submission Guidelines

Interested presenters can submit proposals for:

  1. Written Paper and 10 minute conference talk, or
  2. Written paper and 20 minute conference talk, or
  3. Written paper and 35 minute conference talk, and/or
  4. Written Paper and poster presentation

More details about the proposal submission form

You will be asked to indicate your agreement with the Presenter Conditions listed below.

All proposal submissions must:

  • clearly state the abstract title
  • clearly demonstrate alignment to the conference theme and sub theme/s
  • state preference for an conference talk or a poster

Provide a Presenter biography for each speaker / poster presenter:

  • indicate years of experience in the field
  • indicate current employer
  • indicate current role/position with employer
  • indicate whether Presenter has previously spoken at a conference
  • be in accordance with the selection criteria, guidelines and conditions stated in this document
  • be submitted by the specified deadline
  • all abstracts must be accompanied by a biography and photo suitable for publishing. Your biography should clearly state your current role, employing company/organisation and contain a summary of your qualifications and experience.

Individuals may submit up to two proposals.

Enter each proposal in Microsoft CMT (Conference Management Toolkit)
Format: Text only, in paragraph form
Length: Maximum of 500 words
Right click and choose Save Target As / Save Link As to download
AHA 2018 Conference Presenter Biography Microsoft Word document template
Include text and photo in document
Length: Maximum of 250 words
Photo: To be inserted to Word document as a separate high resolution JPEG file, (500 x 600 pixels or 40 x 50 mm at 300 DPI minimum)
Attach Word document to Microsoft CMT

Submit your proposal now in Microsoft CMT 


Presenter conditions

  1. The Australian Hydrographers Association reserves the right to withdraw/reject papers and presentations from conference proceedings that do not comply with the guidelines and conditions stated within this document.
  2. Submissions accepted for inclusion in the conference program will be accepted in good faith for correctness, fairness, and in compliance with the guidelines and conditions set out in this document. The submission will be the original work of the stated authors and submitted with the express permission of all authors.
  3. Submissions are to be relevant to the conference theme as detailed above.
  4. International submissions will be considered for inclusion in the program where the information presented benefits the conference theme and objectives.
  5. Submission acceptance may be offered, subject to change of content or focus at the request of the Australian Hydrographers Association, following peer review of the submission.
  6. Authors and presenters are not exempt from registration fees.
  7. Submissions with an overt commercial bias will be rejected.
  8. Submissions specifically related to a product(s) will not be accepted, as this will be deemed to be promotional material.
  9. Exclusion of promotional type submissions does not prevent passing mention of trade names or brands.
  10. Submissions that contain comparison or comment about competing technologies, trademarks and brands must include the methodology and processes used to arrive at the conclusion or comment, and may be subject to critique by professional and industry peers for further assessment prior to acceptance.
  11. The Australian Hydrographers Association reserve the right to vary, add or remove any of the guidelines and conditions listed in this advice. However such modifications will take into consideration the aims of the Australian Hydrographers Association, the spirit of the Conference and the professional benefit to the Conference Delegates.


All papers must be submitted by the specified deadline. It is not possible to simply bring your paper along on the day. All papers need to be reviewed by the 2018 Conference Think Tank, checked by the National Office and made ready for provision to delegates well prior to conference.

An AHA 2018 Conference paper template that includes example formatting and contains variations in information presentation, is available to all presenters.

Electronic print ready Microsoft Word document
Right click and choose Save Target As / Save Link As to download
AHA 2018 Conference paper template (Microsoft Word)
File name
Required paper file name format is
Draft “[your name]_Paper_Draft” e.g. Joe Bloggs_Paper_Draft 
Final “[your name]_Paper_Final” e.g. Joe Bloggs_Paper_Final 
How to submit papers
Send your paper in Word format as an email attachment to aha2018.papers [at] aha.net.au

Oral talks

Powerpoint presentations for all oral talks must be submitted by the specified deadline. It is not possible to simply bring your Powerpoint presentation along on the day. All Powerpoint presentations for oral talks need to be reviewed by the 2018 conference Think Tank, forwarded to the venue for upload to their AV system and checked by the promotions company well prior to conference.

AHA 2018 PowerPoint templates which include both cover and contents pages, along with an example presentation which contains variations in information presentation, will be made available to all presenters.

One electronic Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
AHA Conference Microsoft Powerpoint template
File name
Required presentation file name format is “[your name]_Presentation” e.g. Joe Bloggs_Presentation etc.
Video content
Maximum of two video files per oral talk. Video files must be submitted separately to the PowerPoint presentation i.e. must not be embedded. Required video file name format is “[your name]_[slide to be played during]” e.g. Joe Bloggs_Slide 10 etc.
Number of slides
Recommendation of 20 slides (i.e. one per minute), maximum of 30 slides
Length, oral talk
– 10 minute talk + 5 minutes for questions, or
– 20 minute talk + 10 minutes for questions, or
– 35 minute talk + 10 minutes for questions
How to submit presentations
Send your Powerpoint Presentations and/or MP4 video files as an email attachment(s) to aha2018.presentations [at] aha.net.au


All posters must be submitted by the specified deadline. Printing and display of all posters will be arranged by the conference promoters. It is not possible to simply bring your poster along on the day. All posters need to be reviewed by the 2018 conference Think Tank, checked by the promotions company and printed well prior to conference.

Each poster paper presenter will have the opportunity to speak for 2 minutes about their poster.

Electronic print ready Adobe PDF, or Microsoft Word or Powerpoint format
File name
Required poster file name format is “[your name]_Poster” e.g. Joe Bloggs_Poster etc.
One A1 sheet (594 mm wide x 841 mm high)

Paper selection criteria

  • The underlying focus and objective of all posters, oral talks and papers at Australian Hydrographers Association conferences is to target hydrographic principles, practices, technologies and standards that provide conference attendees with professional development to enrich the way that they go about their work. Proposers are encouraged to frame their submissions within this context.
  • The Think Tank will be looking for papers that
    • Will challenge traditional thoughts and practices
    • Lead or demonstrate the evolution of hydrography in the 21st century
  • All submissions will be peer reviewed.
  • A selection of proposal submitters will be invited to develop a paper and an associated conference talk with Powerpoint presentation. All conference talks are required to be accompanied by a publishable paper.
  • A selection of proposal submitters will also be invited to develop a paper and an associated poster for presentation at the conference in a prime location. All posters are required to be accompanied by a publishable paper.
  • The abstracts of successful presenters including the accompanying biographies and photos, as originally submitted, will be printed in the conference program distributed to all conference attendees in print form as part of the conference registration pack.
  • All papers, posters and oral talk Powerpoint presentations will be made available to conference attendees following the conference on the Australian Hydrographers Association website. Selected papers will also be published in the Australian Hydrographers Association Journal at the discretion of the Association.
  • A selection of proposal submitters may also be invited by the Association to develop a paper for publishing in the Australian Hydrographers Association Journal outside of conference.

Copyright of Work

The author(s) or author’s employer owns the copyright of all material submitted. In accord with Australian Hydrographers Association policy, the copyright owner shall provide a Creative Commons Attribution licence for all material submitted.

Vendor and product promotions

The Wednesday morning session will feature a limited number of promotional presentations from product manufacturers and vendors, which are not allowed in conference presentations. (See the Call for Papers presenter conditions 8 and 9 above.)

If you would like to make a promotional presentation please contact AHA Office (see below).


Call for Papers Enquiries

AHA Office
E office [AT] aha.net.au
T 02 6296 2795

Technical assistance with proposals

AHA Services
E services [AT] aha.net.au