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AHA 2018 Conference


Conference Program

The AHA 2018 Conference will be held in Canberra, ACT at the Southern Cross Club from the 12 November – 14 November.

Keynote speakers

Robyn Duell — Climate and Water Outlook

Ashley Webb — Drought and the importance of accurate and reliable water monitoring data


Monday, 12th November 2018

1800: Welcome Reception


Tuesday, 13th November 2018

0900: Welcome

Session: Before the extreme event

Ray Boyton and John Hayes — What is an Extreme Event?

Kema Ranatunga — The value of consistent hydrometric monitoring practices

Janice Green — Call that an extreme event? Describing the extremeness of an event before, during and after the event

Jason Venables — Improving the Network – SunWater’s preparedness for future weather events

Stewart Neilsen — South East Queensland ALERT2 Trial – Increased reliability and accuracy of flood warning data

Dejan Subaric — An evaluation of real-time water measurement

Lauren Greening — Modelling Rating Curves on the Fitzroy River

Jennifer Leslie — Stormwater Pond Surveying: Why probe when you can ping


1900: Conference dinner


Wednesday, 14th November 2018

0900: Start

Session: Technical Workshops

Matt Saunders — Flood Impact on Monitoring Instruments

Paul Jensen — CO2 flux monitoring for a Carbon Capture and Storage project in the Precipice Sandstones

Stuart Hamilton — Bridging the data management gap in Africa


Session: During the extreme event

Daniel Wagenaar — Maximize Acoustic Doppler Accuracy during Extreme Events with Hydrographic Principles

Mike Lysaght — Innovative High Flow Measurement Systems: Recent Case Studies in Tajikistan and Canada

Justin Stockley — The growing demand and difficulties of hydrometric measurement of extreme events in urban stormwater and sewers.

Gavin Hewitt — Before, During and After Hurricane Harvey: Performance of an ALERT2 Flood Warning System during a Category 4 Hurricane

Mark Wolf — the importance of hydrological data during extreme events.

Bronson McPherson — A New Solution for realtime flood intelligence in NSW

Mark Randall — Space Time Image Velocimetry: Measuring High Flow Events in Queensland

Graham Elley — Extremes in PNG Hydrology – the phoenix arises

Ethan Coulston — Flood Warning Services in the Korokoro Stream Catchment

Evan Baddock — Suspended sediment & turbidity monitoring in NZ – a product of Extreme events!


1730: Pitstop drinks


Thursday, 15th November 2018

0900: Start

Session: After the extreme event

Sarah-Kate Dakin and Bernard Tse — Extreme events push data quality assurance to the limits – the experience of Cyclone Debbie

Nick Boyens — The right message, to the right person, in the right way, at the right time: Review of Greater Wellington Regional Councils Flood Warning Service

Rebekah Webb — Extreme Flood Event Measurement Technique (Maximum Velocity Estimation)

Roman Kadluczka and Melody Wu — Continuous Water Quality Monitoring – How To Survive Extreme Events

Jacquie Bellhouse — From the Ashes – How the 2016 Waroona Bushfires are Influencing Future Catchment Management in Western Australia

Ralph Devoil — Dataflows

Sam Maddox — The cost of unseen extreme anomalies and the link between coastal and upstream systems

Phil Downes — Using all the tools in your toolbox


Session: Close

Alex Miller Award


1500: Finish