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Course overview

This course introduces the student to water quality sampling and monitoring.

The student must provide evidence that the activities listed below have been completed in accordance with the agencies procedures:

  • WHS assessment to meet your agency requirements
  • Assessment of likely environmental conditions
  • Determine suitable sampling site location and selection of appropriate water sampling equipment and instruments
  • Describe the rationale behind selected water sampling methods
  • Carry out “grab samples” and in-situ water quality measurements
  • Manage bottling of water samples and preservation of sample
  • Document/record water sample data to approved standards
  • Leave field site in same environmental condition as prior to field activities
  • Deliver sample to laboratory and receipt of analysis results

The student will gain an understanding of relevant National Industry Guidelines.


The syllabus of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of the following unit of competency: AHCLPW306A Undertake sampling and testing of water. This unit of competency is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrography) 50715 .