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If you have arrived at this page, we assume you have signed up for AHA subjects (which will also meet the requirements to apply for RPL for the Diploma of Water Industry Operations), that you have a personal study plan and have paid and begun to study these subjects delivered by AHA.

Resources for the course include:

  • Discussion pages for each subject
  • Course notes
  • Assignments

More information

Students who have completed the Introduction to Hydrography course and, within two years, enrol in the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrography) through AHA, will receive a 50% discount on the five subjects taught by AHA to prepare for the Diploma.

Registration and administration enquiries: services@aha.net.au

Training enquiries: training@aha.net.au


  1. Principles of hydraulics [Subject outline]
    • Tutor: Glenn McDermott
  2. Hydrometric data [Subject outline]
    • Tutor: John Skinner
  3. Ratings [Subject outline]
    • Tutor: Richard Hillhouse
  4. Gaugings [Subject outline]
    • Tutor: John Skinner
  5. Practical hydrography project [Subject outline]
    • Tutor: John Skinner

To continue, you will need:

  1. Google login (e.g. a Gmail account) to access handouts and assignments for the course

Discussion forum and online documents and assignments

Participate in online discussion with other students and course tutors.

All course notes and assignments are available online ready to to download for students.

Access the discussion forum and online documents and assignments for each subject
(You need a Google account – e.g. access by a Gmail or another email address – registered with AHA — we will enable access after you have registered and enrolled for the Diploma and paid for the subjects as described in your study plan)