Webinar: A new era of industrial facility environmental management

23 July 2021


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An auditors view on the new Environment Protection Act

Presented by Hydroterra


Hydroterra webinar 23 July 2021


I would like to invite you to the next of our free expert webinars in the HydroTerra Webinar Series, being presented in collaboration with Tonkin + Taylor. I will be joined for the webinar by Environmental Auditor Tony Kortegast who offers his very timely insights into industrial facility environment management following recent changes to the Victorian EP Act 2018 (effective from 1 July 2021). 

The new EP Act brings a different framework of responsibility for all Victorians, including the owners and operators of industrial facilities such as landfills and wastewater treatment plants.  A transition is under way from a compliance approach, to an approach that is aimed at more active prevention of environmental impacts.

This webinar will address what this means for operators and how can technology help to make this transition bring good outcomes for the environment, regulators and operators.

Tony Kortegast has been at the forefront of waste engineering in Australasia, with more than 40 years’ national and international experience covering more than a dozen countries. He has extensive experience as an EPA Auditor and is currently the Chair of the EPA Victoria Landfill Auditor Technical Group.

The expert webinar will cover topics including:

  • The key legislative and operational changes that are in train 
  • The form of the EPA guidance which is emerging
  • The new process for assessing land contamination 
  • The duties and obligations of facility Licence Holders under the new Act
  • The transition process that is being applied by EPA
  • Drawing parallels with the structure of other similar legislation and how it is applied

Time will be allowed for Q+A. 

The insights of Tony Kortegast will be well worth your time and I encourage you to join us online on Friday 23 June. Simply register through the link below. 

Richard Campbell
HydroTerra | Managing Director


The insights will be worth your time, so grab your lunch and come armed with questions. 
This free webinar will be held at 12.30pm AEST on 9 July

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