Aquamonix is an Australian based manufacturer of water quality, water flow and remote telemetry technologies.

We have project operations and manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.  We are proud to continue our 30 year commitment to the hydrographic industry. Our innovative products, services and solutions assist businesses and communities to Measure, Monitor and Master their critical water resources.  

Our products consist of Greenspan – water quality and level sensors, Emflux Electro-magnetic flowmeters and the recently acquired Elpro communications and automation products. We are ISO 90001 accredited and operate a NATA certified flow calibration loop.  We can combine our hardware with our field expertise to provide industry leading hydrographic solutions and services.

The Aquamonix Range of Water Quality Sensors provide long term accurate monitoring of water quality conditions at remote sites.  Sensors are suitable for Surface or Groundwater Applications and can be configured with a variety of outputs.  Our range includes single and multi-parameter sondes.  The MP47 and MP65 multiparameter sensors provide a complete self-contained measurement and data logging system for a wide range of environmental and water monitoring applications.

Aquamonix has recently introduced the Hydrometrics GW50 nitrate sensor to our range.  Many countries around the world are in the process of adopting nitrate sensor and caps via nitrogen discharge allowances to manage nitrate losses into surface and groundwater resources. This issue is particularly prevalent in areas of intense agricultural production.  The GW50 is a much lower cost technology for measurement of nitrates in groundwater and low turbidity stilled water.

Greenspan designs and manufactures our sensors right here in Australia and can develop and manufacture sensors for very specific purposes.  We work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a solution.