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If you have arrived at this page, we assume you have registered and paid to study the AHA Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring course.

Resources for the course include:

  • Video recordings for ten subjects
  • Course notes and powerpoint presentations
  • Assignments

More information

To register for the course, visit the AHA Training > Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring page

Registration and administration enquiries: services@aha.net.au

Training enquiries: training@aha.net.au


  1. Hydrometric site selection
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  2. Hydrometric site installation techniques
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  3. Water level measurement
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  4. Introduction to rating discharge curves
    • Presenter: Glen Murphy
  5. Hydrographic instrumentation
    • Presenter: Glen Murphy
  6. Introduction to water quality sampling and monitoring
    • Presenter: Bobbie Brenton
  7. Current meter gauging (includes manual and acoustic Doppler methods)
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  8. Stream gauging station survey
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  9. Current meter calibration
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  10. Stream sediment sampling
    • Presenter: Mike Lysaght
  11. Groundwater
    • No recorded session available

To continue, you will need:

  1. login details to access the online video recordings of the course
  2. Google login (e.g. a Gmail account) to access handouts and assignments for the course

Online video recordings

Access the online video recordings
(You need a personal login supplied by AHA — we will enable access after you have registered and paid for the course)

If you have difficulty viewing the video recordings, read these instructions for Chrome, Firefox or Opera. If still having difficulties, please contact: services@aha.net.au

WARNING: At the bottom of the online video recordings, you will see a link RESOURCE LIBRARY —  it is out of date so please ignore it. To access current documents and assignments read on…

Online documents and assignments

Each document’s name begins with a subject number and code (shown in parenthesis below).  For each subject you can access:

  • Powerpoint presentation (P)
  • Assignments (Q)

Some subjects have:

  • Course notes (N)
  • Tools (T)

Access the online documents and assignments
(You need a Google account – e.g. access by a Gmail or another email address – registered with AHA — we will enable access after you have registered and paid for the course)

Having trouble logging in to your Google account?

  1. Go to gmail.com and login.
  2. Then return to this page and click on Access the online documents and assignments.