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Annual General Meeting – Schedule update

AHA Services - 20 December, 2023

Dear AHA Member,

In terms of Rule 25(2) of the Constitution, the association must hold its annual general meetings within 6 months after the close of the association’s financial year or within any later time that may be allowed in terms of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

Therefore, the annual general meeting must be held on or before 31 December of each calendar year.

In terms of the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016, an association must have their financial statements audited every financial year where the association’s revenue for the financial year exceeds $250,000. Because of the AHA Conference held earlier this year, the revenue of AHA exceeds $250,000 and therefore must be audited.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the auditor used by AHA previously, could not, after various attempts, be located. A further complication is that a new auditor can only commence once a handover is completed with the previous auditor.

AHA applied for and received an extension from Fair Trade NSW to hold the Annual General Meeting any time before 30 June 2024.

The AHA Executive is currently in the process of engaging another auditor.

Should you have any questions in this regard, please send an email to secretariat@aha.net.au.