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Hydrometric monitoring is a specialist skill involving measuring ground water and surface water quantity and quality.

Individuals need appropriate training in order to apply best practice and safety to these activities. This training can either be industry based (not nationally recognised) or recognised training.

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Download AHA’s training strategy 2020 and Beyond.

Industry training


This Introduction to becoming a hydrographer is designed to introduce a student to the broad concepts involved in the profession.

  • Hydrological cycle
  • Terminology
  • Equipment
  • Work environment
  • Principles and Competencies defined

Hydrometric fundamentals and competencies

AHA is developing a suite of Hydrometric Fundamentals and Competencies deemed essential by industry. Currently 11 subjects are available, 10 can count towards nationally recognised qualifications.

Nationally recognised qualifications

Delivered by AHA in partnership with Timber Training Creswick

The Hydrometric Monitoring Basics Skill Set and Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrometric Monitoring) NWP50118 are available from AHA with our partner Registered Training Organisation.

Full details about Skill Set and Diploma

Irrigation Australia courses

AHA members are entitled to IAL member rates on all Irrigation Australia courses including the Meter Installation and Validation course.

Student portal

Enrolled students access training material at the Student Portal