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Hydrometric Fundamentals and Competency Subjects

AHA is developing a suite of hydrometric subjects deemed essential by industry. Currently six subjects are available.

Subject delivery

AHA subjects are delivered by experienced trainers nationally. Training can involve written material, assignments, assessment and tutorials.

Subjects available

Currently 7 subjects are available. Click on course name for subject outline

Each subject meets or exceeds the requirements of a unit in the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrometric Monitoring) NWP50118. However there are no arrangements currently in place to upgrade your training to the Unit of Competency towards the Diploma.

You can choose to study these subjects by themselves without completing the Diploma.

Cost per subject

  • Tuition fees (do not include credits towards the Diploma):
    • Full price: AU$750 inc. GST per subject
    • AHA Member discounted price: AU$600 inc. GST per subject

It is not currently possible to study these subjects as part of the Diploma. When the Diploma becomes available, you can apply to upgrade and do any additional work to be awarded the corresponding Unit of Competency:

    • Full upgrade price: AU$450 inc. GST per subject
    • AHA Member discounted upgrade price: AU$400 inc. GST per subject

Register for AHA training

Use this application form to register for training which will not give credits towards the Diploma