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Open channel meter validation in NSW

The NSW non-urban water metering framework commenced on 1 December 2018. The aim of the framework is to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters across NSW. A critical aspect of the framework is that all meters must be installed and validated by a duly qualified person (DQP). In accordance with the metering legislation, only Certified Meter Installers (CMI) with significant measurement experience and Certified Practising Hydrographers (CPH) are able to validate an open channel meter.

This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to enable a certified practising hydrographer to confidently engage with an open channel meter owner to assess the compliance and accuracy of an open channel meter for the purpose of annual validation.

AHA requires that a CPH complete this course as a condition of being publicly listed as a CPH who is trained to undertake open channel metering installation.


The prerequisites to undertake this course are:

  • To have completed the Meter Installation and Validation course run by Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL). (Note that AHA members can undertake this course at a negotiated reduced rate. To get this rate you must use the Application Form below.)  This included specific training modules covering Telemetry and Data Acquisition System (DAS).
  • Either:
    • To be a Certified Practising Hydrographer, granted by the Australian Hydrographers Association, or
    • To provide evidence of training or qualification, and experience in most aspects of hydrometric monitoring


  • For members of AHA and Irrigation Australia Ltd: $500 + GST
  • Non members: $650 + GST


To be recognised as a Duly Qualified Person for open channel meter validation, you must be either:

  • Current Certified Meter Installer who has experience in using intrusive and non-intrusive flow measurement testing equipment, or
  • Current Certified Practising Hydrographer who is trained in the use of testing equipment that validates open channel metering equipment. 

To be listed on the AHA website as a Duly Qualified Person, you must also have completed the Open Channel Meter Validation in NSW course.

Register for training

Google account required

AHA uses Google Workspace to deliver training material to students. When you register for AHA training, you need a Google account. This can be:

  • a private Gmail address
  • a Google account linked to a private or work email address
  • a Google Workspace (aka Gsuite) account issued by your employer or another organisation
If you do not already have a Google account, create a free Google account as follows:
  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp
  2. Enter your name and either enter a GMAIL.COM address or click on Use my current email address instead

Application form

Download and complete the application form in Microsoft Word.

  • Attach to the application evidence of completion of the meter installation and Validation course run by Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL).
  • If you are not a Certified Practising Hydrographer
    • provide a copy of your current CMI certificate
    • provide evidence of training or qualification, and experience in most aspects of hydrometric monitoring

When complete, send to services@aha.net.au