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In 2015, the AHA Committee realised the need to recognise members who have made a signification contribution to the profession and association.

There are two major levels of accreditation:

  • Fellow of the AHA
  • Associate Fellow of the AHA

Fellows of the AHA can also be offered life membership as additional recognition for their contribution to Australian surface and ground water hydrography.

The Committee has determined the first fellowships to people who have made significant contributions of the association over the last decade and a bit.

Fellows of the Australian Hydrographers Association (with Life Membership)

  • Paul Langshaw FAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Bill Steen FAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Peter Heweston FAHA (presented 13 Nov 2018)

Fellows of the Australian Hydrographers Association

  • Bill Barratt FAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Mic Clayton FAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Max Hayes FAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Des Sherlock FAHA (presented 13 Nov 2018)
  • John Skinner FAHA (presented 14 Nov 2018)

Associate Fellows of the Australian Hydrographers Association

  • Krystal Hoult AFAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Michael Whiting AFAHA (presented 26 Oct 2016)
  • Simon Cruickshank AFAHA (presented 13 Nov 2018)
  • Grant Robinson AFAHA (presented 13 Nov 2018)

2016 award photos

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