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Alex Miller was a hydrographer with Sydney Water, instrumental in the revistalisation of the AHA in 2000.

Alex Miller (1944-2001)
Alex Miller (1944-2001)

The Alex Miller award is presented at each AHA Conference to the person that the audience votes delivered the best paper. The award consists of a perpetual trophy showing all past and future winners and an invitation to present at the New Zealand Hydrological Society Technical Workshop.

Winners of the Alex Miller Award are:

Year Location Speaker(s) Employer
2002 Sydney Dave Williams NT Water Resources
2004 Gold Coast Luke Bloedel and Arran Corbett Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, Qld
2006 Darwin Dr Stuart Minchin CSIRO
2008 Canberra Mark Wolf Greenspan
2010 Perth Michael Harris Department of Water, WA
2012 Melbourne Natalie Noakes Sydney Water
2014 Sydney Harrison Schofield Sydney Water
2016 Canberra Peter Waugh NT Department of Environment and Natural Resources
2018 Canberra Mark Randall Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Qld
2023 Penrith Robbie Heane WaterNSW