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Basic Facts about AHA

  • AHA is a non-profit and vendor neutral organisation
  • Launched in the late 1970s, we now have members and a growing list of associates in all Australian states and territories and overseas
  • Offers a range of professional development opportunities and qualifications
  • Offers a 3 tier system of professional certification
  • Strong links with state, territory and Commonwealth government agencies
  • Support from leading software and equipment manufacturers in Australia and overseas
  • Participates in the Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee and contributes to the development and maintenance of National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring published by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Participates in Technical Committee CE-024: Measurement Of Water Flow In Open Channels and Closed Conduits convened by Standards Australia
  • Runs a biennial conference with strong support from water agencies in all states and the hydrometric industry

AHA Objectives

  • To encourage the development of all aspects of hydrography, particularly data collection, processing, analysis and presentation throughout Australia.
  • To contribute to the knowledge of, and encourage interest in Australia‚Äôs water resources and their management and utilisation.
  • To provide a forum for the interchange of hydrographic knowledge and ideas.
  • To represent the interests of all Australian hydrographers and support staff