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AHA 2018 Conference

The Australian Hydrographers Association Conference is held every two years.

In 2018, the AHA Conference will be part of the inaugural Hydrography Week held in Canberra, ACT at the Southern Cross Club in Woden in the week commencing on the 12 November.

It is a unique opportunity for hydrographers and industry suppliers to network, learn from each other and promote their products to water industry representatives from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. More specifically, we encourage and anticipate participation from members, leading State and Federal water agencies, water utility providers, hydro power generators, private industry groups and individuals. All practitioners with an interest in the profession of Hydrography are welcome to attend and the Committee urges each member of the AHA to find the time to come to Canberra in November 2018.

Conference Theme: Extreme Events

Sub theme: before – during – after

Synopsis: the impact of extreme events on surface and ground water hydrography

'Moonrise over the Erskine Fire' photo by Michael Cuffe (MichaelCuffe.com).
Photo by Michael Cuffe (MichaelCuffe.com).