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AHA joins the Australian Water Partnership

AHA Services - 25 September, 2019

Australian Water Partnership

We are pleased to announce that AHA has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian Water Partnership (AWP).

In May 2015, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and eWater Limited established the AWP. DFAT, through the Australian aid and international cooperation program, funded an initial four-year $20 million grant. AWP has proven to be a timely provider of high-quality services and, following an independent Mid Term Review by DFAT, it was approved for a second four-year $24 million grant until June 2023.

Australia has been involved in the Mekong region for over two decades, with DFAT’s Greater Mekong Water Resources Program (GMWRP) – run out of DFAT’s Vientiane Post – a key part of Australia’s support to more equitable, transparent and effective water resources management in the region. At the request of DFAT Post, AWP is managing the new Australia-Mekong Water Facility (AMWF) until June 2023 and supported by a $9.86 million grant which offers a direct government-to-government line of engagement between Australia and countries in the Mekong region.

Through collaborative, trusted partnerships, and leveraging limited available resources, AWP is achieving significant outcomes and continues to grow from strength to strength.

AHA hopes to use this affiliation and MoU with AWP to investigate oppportunities for training in Asia which will enable members to be involved. Involvement internationally will assist AHA to grow its training offerings which will in turn benefit members and partners in Australia.

For further information, please contact the National Office on 02 6296 2795 or office@aha.net.au

Prof. Nick Schofield (AWP) and John Teres (AHA)
Prof Nick Schofield (left) with AHA National Office’s John Teres