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AHA launches new training and diploma

AHA Services - 18 December, 2017

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AHA is excited to announce the launch of new training program and the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (hydrography)

AHA training

AHA now offers two training products:

  1. Introduction to Hydrography
  2. Advanced Hydrography

Introduction to Hydrography

This introductory course (formerly known as Hydrography Basics) is designed for new hydrographers. New hydrographers who complete this course are able to apply for recognition as a Certified Cadet Hydrographer.

You will receive a full rebate of the costs of this course if you enrol in AHA Advanced hydrography subjects within 2 years of completing the Introduction course.*

Find full details, costs and application form at https://aha.net.au/training

* This is a current offer and subject to change in the future

AHA Advanced Hydrography

AHA now offers 5 advanced hydrography subjects:

Semester 1 — February to June

  • Applied principles of hydraulics
  • Processing and reporting hydrometric time series data
  • Ratings

Semester 2 — July to December

  • Measurement and processing of low and medium flows using area velocity methods
  • Practical hydrography project

The syllabus of each subject meets or exceeds the requirements of the TAFE unit of competency indicated by the code shown in parenthesis. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrography) is available through our NSW TAFE partner on satisfactory completion of this subject.

As a launch special enrol in the Semester 1 subjects now and begin studying over the summer before the normal enrolment window in February.

Find full details, costs and application form at https://aha.net.au/training/#advanced

Diploma of Water Industry Operations (hydrography)

AHA has now finalised arrangements with TAFE NSW to deliver the new Diploma at a significant discount on the normal TAFE price for a Diploma of Water Industry Operations.

The diploma requires 9 units of competency. Of these

  • four units of competency are delivered by TAFE NSW
  • five units of competency are awarded after students complete AHA Advanced Hydrography subjects.

You can begin the enrolment process now, however you cannot complete TAFE enrolment until February. Read the application process on the AHA Diploma web page: https://aha.net.au/diploma2/

Note: Your enrolment with TAFE NSW lasts for two years. If you do not complete the Diploma om that that timeframe you will need to reapply.