Development and Deployment of a Portable Automated Logger System to Aid in Flood Monitoring in Victoria

Allan Garland - Thiess Services , 22 August, 2012


The Portable Automated Logger System (PALS) was developed by Thiess Services in conjunction with the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) to provide a mobile, telemetered monitoring device for supplementing the Victorian flood monitoring network. The portability of the device allows it to be deployed in the upper reaches of a flooded catchment and then moved downstream to new locations as the flood peak passes. The portability and flexibility of the device also allows it to be deployed in unique locations at short notice to monitor unexpected areas of flooding. Coupled with a web hosting facility the device augments the existing flood warning network without the significant cost of installing additional fixed infrastructure.

In March 2012 the first 10 PALS units were deployed in the Broken Creek catchment of Northern Victoria. All 10 units performed perfectly and provided the emergency services with the essential support information required to reliably manage the flooding. The information provided by the PALS will now allow council planners and emergency services groups to more accurately predict and map future floods in this region allowing better flood responses, development of mitigation strategies and improved town planning. Through smart innovation, and at a relatively small monetary cost, the PALS will become a key sustainable component used in the management of future Victorian floods.