Ex-hydrographers and water resources management

Peter Clews - Water Authority of Western Australia , 01 October, 1990

At the very end of last year, the day after Christmas in fact, I lost my job as a hydrographer. This came about after I had
successfully applied for my present position in charge of the Water Resources Section in the Kimberley. When the letter
arrived confirming my appointment I found I was not going to be an Area Hydrographer like previous holders of the position, I was
in fact to be a Senior Water Resources Officer. Still maybe this was a promotion as I had changed from a two word, to a four word

This new title is however, more than just a change of name, it was chosen to reflect the way the role of my position has
developed. over the last few years. I am responsible for operating the hydrometric network in the Kimberley, and
hydrography still makes up a large part of my work but the job now also includes some aspects of managing those resources I
monitor. Many other qualified hydrographers in the west are also taking on the challenge of this resource management work under
the new title of Water Resources Officer. This fact provides the point of the title of this presentation. With the new role comes
the new title and we become ex-hydrographers in the area of water resources management.

In this presentation I would like to explain how this came about, what it involves and how it effects those of us participating.