Flood Gauging at recently Re-established Gauging Stations in the Lake Eyre Basin, Far Western Central Queensland Part 1

Paul Jensen - Qld Dept of Natural Resources and Mines , 28 February, 2007

In agreement with the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum three gauging stations in Far Western Central Queensland were re-instated in May/June of 2005. These stations were Burke River @ Boulia (001202A), Georgina River @ Roxborough Downs (001203A) and Diamantina River @ Diamantina Lakes (002104A). In accordance with the LEB Intergovernmental Agreement objectives a high wet season priority has placed on obtaining high flow measurements at these sites. A flood gauging trip to this region occurred in mid March 2006. While the flood gauging trip did not achieve it’s primary goal of measuring the estimated 1200 m3s-1 at 002104A due to severe access issues, valuable measurements at 001202A and 001203A in the ranges of 0.6-15.5 m3s-1 and 12-73 m3s-1 respectively where obtained. This report discusses these measurements along with their implications for the pre-1988 rating curves. These included the probable requirement for an entire re-rate at 001202A due to an apparent change in river morphology. The rating at 001203A has also been modified slightly after it’s largest ever measurement. Observations about operational issues that faced the flood gauging party, especially those that differentiate these sites to other sites under Central West Water Monitoring Group control, are also listed and discussed so that future flood gauging trips to this area may be better prepared.