Hydrography applied to environmental monitoring at the Ranger Uranium Mines

Allan Wade - Ranger Uranium Mines , 02 October, 1990

Ranger Uranium Mine is one of the most highly regulated mines in the world , with particular emphasis being placed on the protection of the natural waterways around the mine.

The strict regulation of the operation is not surprising considering that the mining and milling of uranium is performed on land owned by Aborigines and s urrounded by Kakadu National Park.

The focus of much of this regulation is on surface water — the containment of accumulated runoff on the project area and the environmentally sound management of this water.

Water at Ranger is managed to achieve 2 main objectives:

  1. Water management practices must comply with authorizations imposed by the Supervising Authority. (Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy)
  2. A continuous supply of water must be provided for the mining and milling operations.

The Supervising Authorities agree that the mine has operated without observable detriment to the environment.