Part 6: Stream discharge relationship development and maintenance NI GL 100.06–2019

Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee - Bureau of Meteorology , 28 February, 2019

NIGL_100_00 Part 6 Ratings


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for recommended practice for stream discharge relationship development and maintenance for hydrometric monitoring sites to achieve adequate accuracy for its intended application.

Many of the concepts of this guideline can be generally managed through electronic database/software tools, but can equally be maintained through manual records.


This guideline applies to the following types of hydrometric monitoring site categories:

  1. Open flow channels with natural controls; and
  2. Open flow channels with artificial flow control structures.

The primary reference for this guideline is ‘AS 3778.2.3—2001 Measurement of water flow in open channels, Part 2.3: General—Determination of the stage-discharge relationship.’

This guideline outlines acceptable and common techniques that can be employed in the development and maintenance of stage−discharge relationships but does not restrict the practitioner from utilising other methodologies in accordance with organisational/customer requirements or quality assurance processes.