Space Time Image Velocimetry: Measuring High Flow Events in Queensland

Mark Randall - Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Cairns, QLD , 21 December, 2018

In a bid to improve the Queensland Government’s ability to collect high flow discharge data, the Department of Natural Resources, Mines, and Energy (DNRME) established the Alternative Technologies Project (ATP). The ATP trialled the use of image velocimetry techniques using in-situ cameras installed at eight gauging stations and developed a mobile methodology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). During 2016–18 the Space Time Image Velocimetry (STIV) methodology was used to collect high flow discharge measurements which were compared to more traditional measuring techniques such as acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP), and OTT C31 current meters. The ATP demonstrated that using STIV is a viable discharge measurement option for quantifying high flow events with many additional benefits over currently used methods. These benefits include improved safety for hydrographic staff as well as a cost effective measurement solution. STIV allows for an increased frequency of high flow discharge measurements over multiple events highlighting the limitations of using a single rating curve to define a stage discharge relationship. DNRME are continuing and expanding the use of STIV as a standard method for measuring discharge.