Volumetric Flow Balance in Birch and Tullaroop Creeks to Determine the Magnitude of Losses in Large Scale Water Releases

Rebekah Webb - Thiess Services , 22 August, 2012


Central Highlands Water approached Thiess Services to inves gate losses associated with releasing water from Newlyn Reservoir along Birch and Tullaroop Creeks into Tullaroop Reservoir. A desktop study was performed though limited data was available. A field trial was proposed for more accurate results to be determined.

The Field Trial was broken into two stages. Firstly, 58.9 ML of water at an approximate rate of 3 ML/d was released from the Goldfields Superpipe into Newlyn Reservoir. Secondly, a total of 50.01 ML was released from Newlyn Reservoir over 3 days. A target rate of 15 ML/d was requested, though the site indicated the rate was closer to 16.6 ML/d. Water flowed from Newlyn Reservoir along Birch Creek to Tullaroop Creek, then along Tullaroop Creek into Tullaroop Reservoir. Before water was released measuring points and check points for additional inflows were established.

Water quality was also recorded at key points and samples taken for nutrient analysis. 

Poster paper — may be difficult to read online