Water Industry Guidelines – Adding Groundwater to the Mix

Jacquie Bellhouse (1), Simon Cruickshank (2), Laura Torrible (3) - (1) WA Water Corporation; (2) NT Department of Land Resource Management; (3) Bureau of Meteorology. , 30 October, 2016

In May 2013 The Water Information Business Forum (the “Forum’) endorsed 10 National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring (referred to hereafter as the National Industry Guidelines). Whilst a number of these National Industry Guidelines made reference to groundwater monitoring, it was acknowledged by the Forum that there had been significant national investment in groundwater monitoring and that further guidelines may be required to ensure consistent collection and management of groundwater data nationally.

This paper presents the work that has since been undertaken on the need for National Groundwater Monitoring Guidelines. The paper clearly aligns with the conference theme “Hydrography underground -From aquifers to soil moisture, artesian bores to coal seam gas”. The paper focuses specifically on groundwater data collection and associated monitoring activities with the aim to promote a nationally consistent approach to allow for improved interoperability.