WEBCAST: DNRME STIV training Cairns 2019, Auckland Council remote camera project

Nicholas Holwerda - Auckland Council , 19 March, 2020

Presented at NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop 17-20 March 2020


Auckland Council is deploying low cost camera systems alongside hydrology stations to measure video imagery for flow information during flood events. The aim is to install cameras at stations where uncertainties in flow records exists particularly in the high stages of floods. Many small flashy catchments have never been gauged above Mean Annual Flood so top end rating curves are extrapolated using theoretical assumptions. With the enhancements in video software such as STIV we have an opportunity to measure more flood flows simultaneously during a single event at very low cost.

Author bio

Nicholas Holwerda

Nicholas Holwerda is an operational hydrographer working in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Nicholas has 12 years’ experience in a range of environmental monitoring from hydrology, air quality, marine and terrestrial programs. His primarily focus is stream flow, stream level and sediment monitoring. Nicholas currently assists overseeing a hydrology network of over 200 stations in the Auckland region. He has been on the working group of three National Environmental Monitoring Standards that have been published in recent years. He is also a key contributor to the New Zealand Hydrological Society technical branch. He has recently been deploying a range of cameras to capture flood flow videos for the discharge analysis using STIV to help validate the uncertainties in flood flow rating curves.


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