WEBCAST: Remote sensing with drones – Applications beyond Aerial Image Velocimetry (AIV)

Hamish Biggs - NIWA , 19 March, 2020

Presented at NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop 17-20 March 2020


Drones provide an effective deployment platform to obtain high resolution remote sensing data. They are well suited for investigation of finer scale processes (mm to cm), compared to the landscape scales covered by aircraft and satellites. This talk provides examples of drone use at NIWA, covering applications such as: river surveying, aquatic vegetation monitoring, assessment of sediment size distributions, quantification of geomorphic change, and toxic cyanobacteria aerial monitoring.

Author bio

Hamish BiggsHamish is an Ecohydraulics Scientist at NIWA. His research focuses on the development of novel remote sensing techniques and measurement systems. His areas of expertise include: aerial surveying with drones, sediment transport, remote sensing of vegetation, turbulence and flow vegetation interactions, programming and data analysis. His current projects are:
1. The ‘drone flow project’ which is developing new systems for remote sensing of flow in rivers and assessment of physical habitat;
2. The ‘rolling stones project’ which is investigating the transport of sediment in rivers during floods using in-situ ‘smart-stone’ sensors;
3. The ‘cyanobacteria aerial monitoring project’ which is investigating remote sensing of toxic cyanobacteria with multispectral and hyperspectral camera systems.



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