Webinar: Selection, Installation and Setup of Solinst Levelogger 5

Kyle McLaren - Hydroterra , 02 December, 2020

e-Conference encore series December 2020

Recorded Wednesday 2 December 2020

Selection, Installation and Setup of Solinst Levelogger 5

Kyle McLaren, Product Sales Manager at HydroTerra, will be presenting some things to consider when selecting the right logger for your works, how to install them correctly and navigate the Solinst free software download effortlessly. NEW Levelogger 5 — the 5th generation Levelogger brings over 20 years of engineering and design experience with it. Everything about the new Levelogger 5 design focuses on providing high-quality water level data our customers can rely on, with all of the accuracy and ease of use expected from Solinst.


Kyle McLaren

Kyle has experience in the water industry as an aquaculture and field data technician. Through this he gained invaluable experience in field data analysis, report documentation, water quality analysis and technical water monitoring equipment. Since starting with Hydroterra in 2018, Kyle has gained experience in groundwater, landfill gas, leachate sampling, reporting and data analysis and is currently completing further study in Environmental Management. As Sales Manager for Hydroterra, he has developed a strong knowledge and understanding of all monitoring equipment to meet clients needs.