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Duly qualified persons for NSW Metering

AHA Services - 19 March, 2019

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The NSW Department of Industry published the NSW non-urban water metering framework on 1 December 2018.

The NSW Water Management (General) Regulation 2018 specifies certain people as duly qualified for specific calasses of work, listed in Attachment E of the framework document.

Hydrographers holding AHA’s Certified Practising Hydrographer are recognised as qualified to:

  • Install, maintain or repair telemetry
  • Validate metering equipment in connection with an open channel (if trained in the use of testing equipment)
  • Volumetric testing (in situ accuracy testing) of metering equipment  (if they hve experience in using intrusive and non-intrusive flow measurement testing equipment)
  • Maintenance activities that are required to be carried
  • Repair faulty metering equipment

Read the full details in the NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Policy