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NSW Dept Industry launches Water Metering Guidance tool

AHA Services - 28 June, 2019

NSW Metering Guidance Tool

The NSW Department of Industry has released an interactive online tool to help water users understand their responsibilities under the NSW non-urban water metering framework.

Water Renewal Taskforce Group Director, Emma Solomon, encouraged all water users to access the tool to understand how the new metering rules apply to them.

“As we roll out the new metering requirements across NSW over the next five years, it’s important that water users can easily find out whether they need a meter and what standards apply.

“By answering a series of short questions with this user-friendly online tool, water users can quickly determine what is required and by when,” Ms Solomon said.

The robust new metering framework is a commitment of the NSW Government under the Water Reform Action Plan to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban meters.

The new standards are being rolled out in a staged manner over five years and, since 1 April this year, all new and replacement water meters are required to meet the new requirements.

The next stage of the rollout commences on 1 December 2019, when all surface water pumps 500mm and above will need accurate meters with data loggers, telemetry and tamper-evident seals.

“Water users who are required to comply with these requirements will be contacted by the department well in advance of the roll out date to ensure they are prepared,” Ms Solomon said.

“We’re also planning an upcoming round of information sessions across NSW in July and August 2019 to raise awareness about the new metering rules.

The Metering Guidance Tool and the NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Policy can be accessed via the Department of Industry’s website at https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/water-reform/metering-framework.