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AHA Services - 01 November, 2021

Member Information
We are currently undergoing a period of change and growth within our Australian Hydrographers Association. This is an exciting time to be involved and I am happy to share an update with you.

In light of the success and growth we have seen in regard to our training and certification program we are building more direct capability. In order to better manage our student cohort and respond to requests for greater support the Committee has opted to appoint a Training Coordinator to take care of all things training. This role (soon to be advertised) will also oversee the development of new training opportunities and professional development. We recognise that the bulk of our members are trained, operating Hydrographers and we wish to do more to support them also.

While we are undertaking the recruitment of this new Training Coordinator, who will report directly to the Committee, interim arrangements will be put in place. A sub-committee (President, Vice- President, Treasurer and Secretary) have been delegated authority to make these interim arrangements and complete the recruitment task. Stand by for further updates.

Changes within the Committee are taking place also. Grant Robinson has decided that now is the right time for himself to retire from the role of Secretary. We give heart felt thanks to Grant for his years of service to our Association. Grant has been a steady hand over the years and his dedication and attention to detail will be missed at our Committee meetings.

Grant’s decision to retire has created an opportunity for another of our members to step up and take on the pivotal role of Secretary. I am very happy to share with you the news that Krystal Hoult AFAHA CPH has stepped forward and has received the full support of our committee. Krystal comes to us with years of prior experience in the AHA Secretary role and has earned several commendations for her Association activities over the years. Please join me in welcoming Krystal back into a senior role.

The final piece of news I have to share is that John Teres and his decided that now would be good time to focus on other pursuits and will be finishing up his engagement with our Association on November 30th. John has delivered several incredible Conference events over the years and led many important pieces of structural work for us. On behalf of the Committee and Membership John – thank you!

Change is constant, and while it can be bumpy it is important for growth. We as a Committee are dedicated to the task of improving member experience. Your feedback is telling us that there is a need for greater engagement and for support of all. We are listening and intent on delivering, we are looking at ways to ensure that you will continue to be proud to be an Australian Hydrographer!

Should this news today have raised any concerns or you are keen to lean in and help shape our future please let me know. There is a wealth of experience within our ranks and we are keen to find ways to build membership value together.

On behalf of your Committee:
Best regards

Arran Corbett CPH