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Course overview

AHA delivered Industry Subject CC2 Gaugings introduces the student to streamflow discharge measurement.

On completion of this unit the trainee will be competent in discharge measurement using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and mechanical rotating element meters.  

The National Industry Guideliness for Hydrometric Monitoring are used to provide background theory of stream gauging

Successful completion of this unit will require the student to demonstrate competence and understanding in the following elements:  

  • Preparation of discharge measurement – Identify and mitigate WHS risks, select appropriate gauging section and equipment, evaluate the gauging section and potential influences on the accuracy of the measurement,  undertake pre-gauging equipment checks and calibration
  • Collect depth and velocity data – demonstrate measurement of width, depth and sounding interval.  Demonstration methods used are appropriate for the field situation
  • Calculate the discharge – manually calculate all aspects of a rotating element current meter gauging.  – including point velocity, mean velocity in vertical, areas, discharge for each subsection and total discharge
  • Record and report gauging results – record and report all relevant field data, report quality code, plot gauging of rating curve and show deviation. 

The above competencies will be demonstrated by submitting evidence of student performing activities – photos and video evidence, screen shots, etc.


Note: The syllabus of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of the following units of competency:
NWPHYD011 Measurement and processing of flows using area velocity methods which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715 (superseded).
NWPHYD007 Measure discharge using wading method which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50118.