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Course overview

To undertake this subject the student must have at least two years practical experience in collecting and processing hydrometric data.

The student will become familiar with and apply National Industry Guidelines and their own agency procedures for hydrometric data processing and reporting, specifically around metadata, applying quality codes and validating recorded data, (on site and telemetry data), adding appropriate and descriptive ‘comments’ and identify actions taken in the field to verify and validate recorded data. This topic covers selection and applying appropriate technology, applying WH&S considerations and an appreciation of the site operating and maintenance regime to collect fit for purpose data.

The student is provided with raw csv data sets to process and report. The student is required to process this raw data using their own software package. The data sets have periods of data that need to be investigated, verified and quality codes applied. The emphasis being on how the data set is verified, treated and appropriate quality codes. The student wherever possible is to apply their own agencies’ guidelines in terms of applying quality codes, estimating lost or suspect data.

The student will use their own agency time series data management software to analyse, verify and report the various data sets to meet agency and client requirements.


Note: The syllabus of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of the following units of competency:
NWPHYD016 Process and report hydrometric time series data which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715 (superseded) and
NWPHYD005 Process and report hydrometric time series data which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50118.