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Course overview

This subject should be undertaken last of near the end of the course of study. It will require cooperation with the student’s supervisor and their agency. It will require the student to undertake an investigation for a new hydrometric station in an identified stretch of stream. AHA will act as the client requiring the station to be installed. The scope for the station will be provided to the student, or it could potentially be an actual site that needs to be installed.

The project investigation will require a clear understanding of the scope for the project – this may require negotiation and review with written agreed scope details. The student will provide a project plan and a ‘project file’ documenting all communications so as to achieve full implementation and operation of the monitoring site.

The student will undertake the necessary field investigation to identify the suitable site, taking into account WHS consideration, approvals – identifying and liaising with relevant agencies, provide full details of the proposed site, – photos, surveys, assessment of attributes and problems, access, etc.

The student is to identify and justify the technology proposed for the site and provide the client with a budget cost to install the site. The student will identify all establishment details and metadata to meet agency requirements and reference national guidelines where required. The student will also recommend an operation and maintenance regime and on-going resource requirement to operate and maintain the site and achieve sign off and acceptance by ‘the client’


The syllabus of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of the following units of competency:
LGAWORK503A  Undertake a Project Investigation which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715 (superseded) and
BSBPMG430  Undertake project work which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50118