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Course overview

This topic is very practical and builds on a trainee hydrographer’s existing experience and exposure to developing rating curves.   

A sound understanding of the development and maintenance of rating curves is critical for a hydrographer to be able to report accurate flows. This topic is comprehensive and developed by experienced hydrographers to enable the trainee hydrographer to appreciate and learn this important skill. The student should have at least 2 years’ experience in undertaking gaugings, collection of field data and some exposure to establishing stage discharge relationships prior to commencing this topic. To demonstrate a progressive improvement in skills, in parallel to completing this topic, the student will complete a logbook recording actual hands-on experience. These tasks will be verified by the student’s employer/supervisor.

On completion of this topic the student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of ‘controls’ – both sectional and channel controls, be able to recognise the impact of each on station rating curves and reported flow data.  The student will demonstrate the ability to develop rating curves that are fit for purpose, understand the benefits of various plotting scales and use theoretical methods to verify and extend rating curves using practical ‘real life’ examples.  The student will be able to demonstrate how to assess, verify and apply quality codes to rating data.

Using actual field data, photos and survey information, the student will gain experience with theoretical establishment and extension of rating curves using various methods. The student will apply theoretical ratings to various man-made structures.

The student will use their agency’s procedures and protocols to develop, document and store rating curve data. 

The student will gain an understanding of relevant National Industry Guidelines.


Note: The syllabus of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of the following units of competency:
NWPHYD017 Develop and maintain ratings which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715 (superseded) and
NWPHYD003 Develop and maintain ratings which is a requirement of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50118.