From the vault — The Birth of the Australasian Hydrographer

Australian Hydrographers Association , 20 April, 2020

In January 1979 the Introductory and Inaugural editions of the Australian Hydrographic Newsletter were published. This Newsletter was the pre-cursor to today’s Australasian Hydrographer (the newsletter was renamed to Australasian Hydrographer in 1995 to reflect the wider audience).

The Newsletter was born from a recognised “need to continue the momentum of communication” started at the 1978 “Hydrographic Workshop” convened by the Australian Water Resources Council, held in Perth, Western Australia. The Workshop represented the first gathering of hydrographers from all states. The Introductory Newsletter was quickly followed by the first issue in April 1979 at a cost to our members’ of $3.00 an issue.

For your reading pleasure the contents of both the original newsletters (and the few illustrations) have been reproduced (the originals were typed, and copied).

The AHA archives have a gap after these issues through to 1987, if anyone has saved the odd copy please feel free to scan them and send to