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Tuesday, 25th October 2016

0915: James Price – The barriers to and benefits of managing information as a business asset

Session: Technology

1000: Michael Whiting – Harnessing 3D Design, printing and scanning in hydrography

1100: David Hammond – The Internet of Things: A New Start

1130: Matthew Henderson – Unravelling the IoT

1200: Matt Saunders – Telemetry: Cell Phone and Satellite

1330: A/Prof. Vin Pettigrove – Emerging technologies and techniques for aquatic pollution detection and management

1400: Ben Starr – Water in the Cloud

1530: Ray Godley – Digital Signal Processing and Water Sector Instruments

1600: Robert Armstrong – Smart Phone Apps in Ground Water Field Data Collection

1630: Allan Garland – Safety in Hydrography – The impact of innovation and technology


Wednesday, 26th October 2016

Session: Technical Workshops

0900: Hening Huang – Estimation of Type A uncertainty of moving-boat ADCP streamflow measurements.

0920: Gavin Hewitt – New Logger CR310

0940: Stevan Palos – Innovative Application of Communication in Hydrography

1000: Peter Heweston – Asset Management and Quality Data

1100: Paul Hart – End to End telemetry based solution – introducing Metasphere’s ‘point colour range’

1120: Kieran Coupe – Discussion on the current status of the ‘internet of things’, where this may go and the impact on the hydrographic industry

1140: Jarrah Watson – Workshop demonstrating how to connect and configure datasources

1200: Michael Summersby & Tony Scarborough – Presentation to demonstrate high frequenct radar capability, accurate measurement through various media


Session: Techniques

1315: Richard Hillhouse – Skill Development for Hydrographers

1345: Rob De Hayr – Better Management of Water Quality Data

1415: Glenn McDermott – Applying Measurement Uncertainty

1430: Jessica Littlejohn – Siterunner: Onsite Data Colllection

1530: Stuart Hamilton and Ray Maynard – Discharge Rating Curve Development

1600: Geordie Durack – Ground Water Monitoring in Coal Seam Gas

1615: Daniel Wagenaar – Acoustic Doppler Technology in Sediment Transport

1645: Daniel Sinnott – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in River Hydrography

1715: Justin Stockley – Removing tidal aliasing in estuarine discharge data


Thursday, 27th October 2016

Session: Applications

0900: Peter Waugh – Out of Control

0930: Paul Hart – Remote Monitoring and Alarming for Floods and Sewer Level Monitoring

1000: Glenn McDermott – Means to an End in Data Collection

1100: Todd Lovell – Application of Hydrographic Data

1130: Carla Mooney – National Standards for Flood Warning

1200: Daniel Condon – Innovation in Compliance Monitoring

Session: International Presentations

1315: Lizzie Fox – Implementation of National Environmental Monitoring Standards in NZ (NZHS conference best paper winner)

1345: Brent Hutchby – Lysimeters for Ground Water Recharge (NZHS conference best paper winner)