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In 2017, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training launched the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715. The Diploma has special requirements and subjects for the Hydrography specialisation. This Diploma does not include hydrographic surveying speciality units.

The Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrography) delivered by TAFE NSW through AHA (in a business arrangement) includes nine units of competency to be completed over 2 years. Consequently direct all communication to AHA — do not try to contact TAFE directly.

Diploma end date

This diploma will cease to be offered after 31 December 2020. In practice, this means that all course work must be completed by the end of October 2020. Since there is insufficient time to complete all nine units of Diploma NWP50715, enrolments are now closed.

The diploma will be replaced by a new Diploma: Diploma of Water Industry Operations (NWP50118), however it is not on offer at this time.


Candidates must be employed with access to hydrometric monitoring equipment and software. Ideally they will have a minimum of 12 months relevant experience or completed the AHA Introduction to Hydrography course.

AHA Intakes

New students can still apply to AHA to study six AHA Subjects (see below) which include the requirements of the corresponding TAFE unit of competency. On completion AHA will issue a certificate of completion. However, recognition of completion by a Registered Training Organisation is not available until diploma NWP50118 is on offer. [Pricing and registration link]

Two intakes each year:

  • Intake 1 – February
  • Intake 2 – July

TAFE Semesters

  • February–June (finish subjects by first week June)
  • July–December (finish subjects by last mid November)

Two year plan

For each candidate, AHA will create a two year personal training plan online with the order of subjects and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/credits.

Standard plan


  1. TAFE unit†: NWPGEN002 Ensure compliance with water industry guidelines, standards and legislation
  2. AHA subject*: Principles of hydraulics
    Tutor: Glenn McDermott email: glenn.mcdermott@aha.net.au
    (Subject includes requirements for NWPHYD001 Apply principles of open channel hydraulics)
  3. AHA subject*: Hydrometric data
    John Skinner email: training@aha.net.au
    (Subject includes requirements for NWPHYD016 Process and report time series data)


  1. TAFE unit†: BSBWHS502 Manage effective WHS consultation and participation process
  2. AHA subject*: Gaugings
    John Skinner email: training@aha.net.au
    (Subject includes requirements for NWPHYD011 Measure an process medium flows using area velocity methods)
  3. TAFE unit†: NWPHYD015 Undertake survey of monitoring sites


  1. TAFE unit†: NWPGEN006 Implement and manage environmental management policies, procedures and programs
  2. AHA subject*: Ratings
    Tutor: Richard Hillhouse email: richard.hillhouse@aha.net.au
    (Subject includes requirements for NWPHYD017 Develop and maintain ratings)
  3. AHA subject*: Practical hydrometric monitoring project
    Tutor: John Skinner email: training@aha.net.au
    (Subject includes requirements for LGAWORK503A Undertake project investigation)

† indicates that the unit of competency is delivered by TAFE NSW (enrolling through the AHA for these units enables the student to receive a significant discount on normal TAFE fees).

* indicates that the candidate must study the AHA subject which includes the requirements of this TAFE unit of competency. Following successful assessment, AHA will forward the candidate’s work and assessment results to NSW TAFE along with an application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) against the equivalent Diploma subject.

Customised plans

For anyone outside this standard program, we customise the personal training plan because a candidate:

  1. is starting late so can’t do all the subjects in a block, or
  2. needs to do some subjects out of order for work reasons, or
  3. applies for Recognition of Prior Learning: Where a candidate believes they have previously completed a unit or course of study which covers the same elements and performance criteria, the candidate can apply to TAFE NSW for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) against the equivalent Diploma subject. (This process requires rigid mapping and comparison of elements and performance criteria)
  4. applies for Credits for units studied previously: Where a candidate has previously completed a unit listed by the Department of Education and Training as part of the Diploma of Water Industry Operations NWP50715, TAFE NSW may recognise a credit transfer as part of the requirements for the Diploma.
  5. has previously completed AHA subject Water quality monitoring (which includes the requirements of unit of competency AHCLPW306A Undertake sampling and testing of water) may apply for RPL in lieu of completing one AHA hydrometric monitoring subject.


†Price per unit of competency delivered by TAFE NSW:

  • Full price: AU$1200 per unit (no GST applicable)
  • AHA Member discounted price: AU$900 per unit (no GST applicable)

*Price for subjects (tuition and RPL) delivered by AHA:

  • Full price: AU$1200 inc. GST per unit
    • Tuition $750
    • RPL $450
  • AHA Member discounted price: AU$1000 inc. GST per unit
    • Tuition $600
    • RPL $400

‡Price for RPL per unit of competency based on previous study and experience:

  • Full price: AU$500 inc. GST per unit
  • AHA Member discounted price: AU$450 inc. GST per unit

¶ Credit transfer for previously completed qualifications from another TAFE NSW Institute or another RTO, evidence for application of credit transfer may include documents such as course transcripts or statement of results:

  • Full price: AU$150 inc. GST per application for one or more units
  • AHA Member discounted price: AU$100 inc. GST per application for one or more units

Re-enrolment fee to continue AHA subject after 31 May (1st semester subject) and 15 November (2nd semester subject):

  • Full price: AU$250 inc. GST per subject
  • AHA Member discounted price: AU$200 inc. GST per subject


More information

Do not contact TAFE NSW, since under the contract AHA handles all contact with students.

Online course portal (enrolled students only)

Access the online documents and assignments and discussion forum.
(You will need to login to your Google account – e.g. accessed by a Gmail or another email address – registered with AHA — we will enable access after you have paid for the subjects as described in your study plan)

Having trouble logging in to your Google account?

  1. Go to gmail.com and login.
  2. Then return to this page and click on Access the online documents and assignments and discussion forum.